About Critics’ Union


Editor-in-Chief: J. Howard Rosier

Managing Editors: James Stewart III, Ian Eric Wojcikiewicz

Creative Director: Micco Caporale

Founded in 2018 on the campus of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Critics’ Union reimagines the role of the public editor. Acknowledging the decline of ombudsman positions throughout the country, while recognizing that opinion-makers hold more influence over the public interest than reporters, our magazine, essentially, critiques the critics.


We’re less concerned with pure critiques than with a discussion of the discourse around critique and opinion. What are the implications of the way a topic is discussed? Is the way a pundit presents information responsible? Naturally, the audience for such a focus is the critical class: journalists, academics, curators, reviewers, and artists. But we’re interested in publishing anyone with a perpetual axe to grind, and in taking a hard look at how society talks about art, music, politics, sports, literature, education, and everything in between.

We encourage long-form writing, anywhere between 1500 and 5000 words. However, we do run content online, and encourage shorter (500-1000 word) pieces there.

Pitches, along with letters to the editor, can be sent to theeditors@criticsunionmag.com.